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he Esterel compiler can be used to generate a software or hardware implementation of a reactive program.
It can generate C-code to be embedded as a reactive kernel in a larger program that handles the interface and data manipulations. It can also generate hardware in the form of netlists of gates, which can then be embedded in a larger system.

We provide a graphical symbolic debugger for Esterel, extensive optimization tools, and interface with explicit or BDD-based verification tools that perform either bisimulation reduction or safety property checking.

   Release Notes
 Esterelv5_92 The current official version. Supports the pre operator for signals and values  V5_92 Release Notes

   fsm-verify the new FSM behavior equivalence checker
 An Esterel to TeX setting environment. 
   Basicopt: An Esterel code optimizer (version 1.1). 
 A Boolean datapath generator for Esterel programs
 Java code generator
 Program Lego Mindstorms Robots using Esterel Or Lustre

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